30 for 30

I’m off and running! Fellow blogger Kendi Everyday has a fashion challenge, and I signed up. You can read all the details on her blog, but basically, I’ll be picking 30 pieces of clothing (including shoes) and mixing and matching the items – and only them – for 30 days!

I have to get creative with my wardrobe choices to make the items look fresh and different each day. And I’m adding an additional challenge: I’m limiting black to the bare minimum. An all-black 30-day wardrobe is too easy. Everything matches and no one would really know how many times I repurposed a piece of clothing.

Whenever I travel, I play a version of this game. I never carry a suitcase bigger than the carry-on size/weight, so getting the most mileage out of my travel attire is essential. I start with a couple of basic outfits and add items into the mix that match all my core pieces. I bring a few statement pieces (like a scarf or chunky necklace) to make an outfit feel different. I layer. Tanks and cardigans are my friends.

Last summer, when I travelled for ten days, I packed a black skirt, a black and gray skirt (jersey so they wouldn’t get wrinkled) and a denim skirt. I packed a black tank top to make the black skirt look like a dress. I packed three bright t-shirts that matched all the skirts and the bottoms: a pair of denim capris and a pair of cream trousers. A black cardigan and green scarf finished the job. I added jewelry, a couple of belts, wedge sandals, packed ballet flats, and kitten heels.

But this is 30 days! I don’t travel that long, and I definitely don’t plan my wardrobe that far ahead. It’s another rainy day in Seattle. Perfect excuse to stay in and look through my closet. I’ll be making my selections soon, so stay tuned for photos of what I choose. I need work clothes (fortunately that can be as casual or dressy as I want), and I need some mix of items that can take me from a Saturday night round of cocktails to a Sunday morning brunch.

Care to join me in the 30 for 30 challenge?

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