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Jean at the Frey GalleryWelcome to Jean of all Trades. I’m Jean. I’m a generalist. Style is the thread that weaves together my various interests. I suppose you could say I’m interested in aesthetics. I don’t get too philosophical about it though; I just look for beauty in everyday things.

Initially, I wanted to write about fashion, but fashion is only one part of the style I’m pursuing. I like to put outfits together creatively and see how they affect me. I like to see others enjoying how they look and how they carry themselves when they change the way they look. It’s not about vanity, but self-expression. I don’t have a specific fashion style. My style changes depending on my mood, the season, and what I’ve found on sale.

I love art. I enjoy looking at a piece and exploring the color and juxtaposition of shapes in space. Paintings, sculpture, and photography of many styles interest me. I create art, and I absorb art. The best gift I gave myself this year is a membership to the Seattle Art Museum. To be able to surround myself with art and open my mind to new experiences is priceless.

To me, the line between arts and crafts is fuzzy. Textile arts, functional art, the things that women make and use around the house – these are often labeled crafts. I don’t like how they seem to be less respected and lumped into the creative world’s hobby bin. I recently bought a sewing machine and I’m trying my hand at simple creations: purses, skirts, pillows. I’ve gained a lot of respect for people who create with fabric. It’s not easy!

Music is a mood-altering drug. The styles of music affect people profoundly. It’s an amazing creative outlet that I wish I could be part of. I’m not musically inclined, but I’m a good listener. And I’ll share with you the music I find.

Now that I’m listening to good music, admiring and creating art, and wearing clothes that express who I am, I’m going to relax in a modern minimalist living room and revel in the calm. Well, maybe not exactly. But the way I decorate my living space is another area where style is a major player. I’ll talk about it on these pages too.

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