Tech Talk: USBracelet

At work, I often need to move or copy files and I don’t always have a thumb drive handy. Sure I can email files to myself or print documents, but now there’s a better way. With my new USB Bracelet (never the one to shy away from a portmanteau, I like to call it a USBracelet) I now have 4GB of storage wherever I go!

USB bracelet

I saw this on Amazon and thought I’d give it a try. I really like it. I feel kind of like 007. It’s a plain black rubber band that hides a USB thumb drive. The drive connects to itself – that’s how it clasps onto my wrist. It comes in a variety of colors but I bought black because, well, black “goes with everything.”

My only complaint is that since it’s made of rubber, it’s slightly “sticky” and attracts a bit of lint. But it wipes clean very easily. I’ll have to be careful not to accidentally put it under the tap when I’m washing my hands. I have a sneaky suspicion that this isn’t waterproof.

I thought: wouldn’t this be a fantastic medical alert bracelet? All your medical information could be stored on the USB! Well, apparently that idea has already been thought of. You can buy one here.

My USBracelet is plain, but not unlike other plain plastic watch bands I’ve seen. Come to think of it, that’s the only way this could be better – if a digital watch face was incorporated into the design. And the watch battery could recharge every time the USB is plugged into a PC. There’s a million dollar idea! What do you think? Geek chic or tacky tech? If you had one, would you customize it? Maybe bedazzle it with crystals or wrap it with fabric?

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  1. It’s a pretty fab idea, though it wouldn’t work well for my work situation- it’s straight-up against company policy to plug non-approved USB devices into company computers, seeing as we have millions of dollars of sooper sekrit movie data they don’t want us copying willy nilly.

    Totally calls for some bedazzling, though. Or at least a little paint. Something to cheer it up a bit. 🙂

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