Street Style: Ways to Keep Warm

This is the first installment of a new category on my blog: Street Style. Now that I have business cards I feel slightly more legit and don’t mind asking complete strangers if I can take their pictures. That’s what I did today. It’s unusually cold in Seattle today and I found two people who managed to look stylish and warm at the same time. Here they are:

Now, before you think I’m mean for taking Angie’s photo next to this sign, let me reassure you that it was her idea. I love how Angie is rocking a North Face winter coat. I didn’t even notice until she pointed it out–probably because she layered a cozy gray scarf with it. The boots have a nice, walkable heel height and keep her feet warm–but the first thing I noticed is how great they look.

The skirt she’s wearing is a different pattern on every side, which means she can wear it various ways and it will look like a new skirt each time. She gets bonus points for matching it to her hair. The blue streaks are terrific.

a stylish woman

Meet Axel. I saw him walking through Belltown and loved his look immediately. As luck would have it, he was heading to the same place I was: Top Pot Doughnuts.

Yes, Axel is wearing fur, but before you get mad, he reassured me that it is vintage. Axel’s rule is that if the fur is older than him, he will wear it. It’s not like anyone else can run out and buy from a now-defunct company. This would work well with faux fur too for those of you who want the look and plan to buy new.

Check out his cross-body bag, hand-knit wrist warmers, skinny jeans and white Beatle boots. I love his specs too. Axel proves that staying warm doesn’t mean you have to dress bulky. He has a great long and lean silhouette despite the frigid temps.

stylish man on the street


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