30 for 30 Recap

The 30 for 30 challenge is over. In a way, it flew by. I enjoyed it immensely. At first it was exciting, somewhere in the middle I started feeling restricted by my wardrobe limitations, and finally, I hit my stride. I felt like I could keep remixing those items forever. I’ll definitely do the challenge again, and I encourage you to try it.

Now, I feel like I have too many options. My wardrobe seems daunting. And in spite of having a multitude of choices today, I ended up wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I’m like a vegetarian who’s used to ordering the only veggie item on the menu—and then she goes to a vegetarian restaurant and can’t decide what to eat. There are too many choices! They all look good. I’ll be looking for ways to trim the fat, so to speak, from my closet so I know what I have and I wear them.

What did I learn? Well, I regret adding the lace tank to the mix. Winter in Seattle was not a good time for that piece. I wore it only once (and as a cami under a blazer). I needed more tops to match all the green bottoms (or perhaps I should have chosen less green). Only two tops matched the plaid skirt so I felt I didn’t put it to good use. I should have chosen another pair of flats. All my shoes but one pair were heels!

all 30 looks

Here are a few interesting stats:

Items: 30
Times I wore pants: 14
Times I added a scarf as an accessory: 11
Number of items over $100: 4
Cheapest (non-thrifted) item: $5 (the yellow top)
Most expensive item: $400 (the black Fluevog boots)
Number of items from thrift stores: 5
Number of items from clothing exchanges: 3

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One response to “30 for 30 Recap

  1. velvetlash

    Sorry to see it end, love all the different combinations you tried. Looking back all the pictures are totally different and creative! Great job!

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