Purple Haze

The 30 for 30 Challenge ended two weeks ago, and I’m still getting acquainted with my closet. It’s almost spring, but it can feel chilly in the Pacific Northwest, with all the gray skies and rain. So I need to be warm and still have a bit of fun with color.

That’s why I was happy to find a deep purple, loose-knit sweater in my closet. I wore it with a pair of jeans to rival any designer pair out there. And they were only $5 at the Suzy Shier outlet in Cambridge, Ontario. I picked them up last summer while visiting my family.

lilac scarf and purple sweater

I loved these shoes when I saw them at the Seattle John Fluevog store. I thought the dark blue would look great with denim, but I wasn’t sure about the lilac portion. I loved the color, but I didn’t have much to match. And yes, if you’re paying attention, almost all my shoes and purses are faux leather (with the exception of vintage finds). I like to align my clothing choices with my eating habits (no animal products). Fluevogs are the only time I break my rule. I’m happy to report that they are making vegan options more available (these aren’t one of them though).

Serendipitously, my aunt in Germany recently sent me a lilac scarf. I wrapped it around my neck and added a silver bracelet that my dad gave me. I know I don’t have to match the purple shoes with another item in my outfit, but I like how the scarf pulls the look together.

shoes, scarf and sweater in shades of purple

Sweater: Papaya
Jeans: Suzy Shier
Scarf: Gifted
Bracelet: Gifted
Shoes: John Fluevog

What about you? How do you match colors? Are there certain things you don’t wear (fur, leather, items that aren’t fair-trade)?



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2 responses to “Purple Haze

  1. RK

    I try not to match too many colours, actually – I guess I’m just afraid I’ll look too matchy! Lately I’ve noticed that I’m mixing a lot of colours that are traditional “no-nos” – blue and black, black and brown, etc. I think I’m making up for my obedient high school days or something 😛

    • Agree! I don’t like being matchy-matchy (especially the purse/shoes thing). I want to see some of your no-nos. Speaking of things you’re not supposed to wear together, I’m starting to love brown and gray.

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