Street Style: Belltown in Spring

Today was such a gorgeous day in Seattle. And when the sun comes out, so do all the stylish people. I saw lots of Seattleites enjoying the day and rocking their own unique looks. Here are my favorites:

I stopped Jennifer on First Avenue mainly because I loved the red trench coat she was wearing. But also because everything she is has on is amazing. She’s effortlessly stylish and so pulled together—perfect for the sunny, warm(ish) day.

Her hair is fabulous, and I love how unexpected the green bag is. Her chandelier earrings add just the right amount of glam to a Saturday shopping outfit. With this look, she san sail smoothly into a restaurant for dinner and not miss a beat.

stylish woman in red coat

Next, I ran into Paul and Ryan jamming in front of form/space atelier, an art gallery in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Turns out, Ryan is the curator of the art gallery. My only regret is that I didn’t pop in to see the art. The exhibition that opened up on Thursday features art and artifacts from the office of Gloria Steinem. A perfect tie-in with the feminist fashion posts I’ve been writing.

Speaking of tie-ins, I found Paul’s blazer and tie appealing. In a city known for fleece vests, this was a breath of fresh air. I like how he wore complimentary pants, but not a matching suit. And fedoras are never a bad idea—instant style. Ryan’s pea coat and jeans are perfect for today’s weather too. There is nothing contrived about his look; it just works.

two stylish guys

Finally, I stopped one more stylish person before I left Belltown. She told me she wasn’t ready for a photo shoot, but I disagreed. What caught my eye when I saw her was the pulled-togetherness of the boots and coat. It’s not fussy, but it’s polished. Nothing’s too matchy-matchy, yet everything goes. She’s working neutral tones but added a pop of color with the fuchsia mock turtleneck. I like how it peeks out of her coat like the first spring flowers are just now starting to peek out of the earth.

woman with peacoat


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