Street Style: Shopping Pals

I was downtown Seattle again and I found a few stylish people on the streets. Two pairs stuck out:

Andrea and Lindsay (I hope I spelled that right, Lindsay!) caught my attention for two reasons. First, they were smiling! And that’s always in style. Second, they each had their own look going on but they complemented each other very well. I changed direction in the middle of crossing Second Avenue and stopped them when we were safely on the curb. Turns out this pair is mother and daughter. Mom (Andrea) passed along good style to her daughter. Maybe it’s in their jeans, er, genes.

I especially like how they both have short, stylish hair, but each cut is unique. Their cross-body bags are cute and very practical for hands-free shopping. I like how Lindsay’s black coat and Andrea’s stone coat are the opposite of the straps on their bags. Their glasses are terrific too and show how small changes in design can make something really personal. Thanks you two!

like mother, like daughter

Next, I stopped these two young women on First Avenue. They seemed to be enjoying the day as well—and they looked cute too. They have great looks. They stood out from the crowds because of their coordinated, neutral palette. The olive coat with brass hardware is great, and who doesn’t like a classic pea coat? The brass buttons on the pea coat and the matching hardware on their bags look great.

I’m sad that I didn’t ask for their names (I do that sometimes because I’m still nervous about asking strangers to pose for me). I like how everyone wins in the “blunt bangs vs. pulled back bangs” debate. You can see that both styles are terrific. And I’m pretty sure those red shoes are Tom’s. A stylish, ethical choice made better by the coordinating nail polish on her friend’s fingers. It’s the little things that make all the difference

two friends


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  1. I LOVE Seattle and what a cool idea! 🙂

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