Bags, Glorious Vegan Bags

I’m in bag heaven!clutch

Last weekend, when I was downtown Seattle looking at art, I took a detour into Endless Knot, a small, eclectic women’s boutique on First Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood and bought two fabulous purses.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t gone into the shop before. They have a great selection of unique clothing and accessories. Lots of great dresses and separates, and jewelry too. I will definitely be back.

I was somewhat constrained by time, so I made an agreement with myself not to try anything on. If I went down that road, I’d be a while. So I stuck to idea-gathering and accessory-shopping. I noticed a few nice bags, and passed them over. On my second lap of the store, I returned to them. I felt the soft, smooth leather…wait, that’s not leather. Is it?

wine cross-body bagI don’t eat animals, so I figured it makes sense to not wear them either. I strive to buy ethical, green, non-animal-product clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Sometimes I falter, but I’m usually pretty good about it. And why not? It’s easier than ever to find faux fashions (well, the fashions are real, the materials are faux). When I found the rich-looking jewel-toned purses by shiraleah—and then read the label— felt I didn’t have a choice but to vote with my dollars.

The burnt orange clutch with deep chocolate accents and silver-tone hardware is lined with striped brown and cream cotton fabric and zips closed. It’s actually double the size that it appears because it’s a fold-over clutch; it holds together with magnets discretely hidden within. It was $32.

The wine-colored cross-body bag has black accents and a plaid lining. It has an extra strap so I can change it to a shoulder bag. It was $86. These bags will be making appearances in my outfit photos soon, you’ll see.

I bought a smaller, stone-colored, three zipper cross-body bag by shiraleah when I visited my family in Canada last summer. So my shiraleah vegan purse collection is complete (for now).


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2 responses to “Bags, Glorious Vegan Bags

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    I will have to check out this shop since it’s in my hood and I DO have a bag fetish.

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