DIY T-Shirt Scarf

Do I have a project for you! Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can successfully complete this project. And you’ll love the results. I recently joined a DIY project called Made This, Love This. The site was started by Indiana over at Adored Austin.t-shirt scarf

I’m so glad Indiana started with a simple project: an infinity scarf made from a T-shirt. Best of all—it’s no-sew. I’m inspired! You can find all the instructions at Made This, Love This, but here’s the gist of it:

  1. Find an old T-shirt.
  2. Cut it into strips horizontally (you’ll be saving the circular “tubes” that you cut from hem to armpits; the top half you can ditch).
  3. Stretch the strips so they curl up (this way the edges won’t show).

That’s it! You’re done. The wider your shirt, the longer your infinity scarf will be. The longer your shirt, the more strands you’ll have. Anything works, but the results will vary. I don’t think you can go wrong.

I didn’t follow Indiana’s instructions to a T (pun intended). She recommends not cutting all the way through the side of the shirt. That way, the strands stay together on one side. I cut all the way through mine because I didn’t bother to watch her helpful video until after I finished my scarf.

t-shirt scarfI’m glad I didn’t keep my strands together though. Having them loose means I can mix and match. I found two T-shirts of similar widths (but different colors) and cut them up. Now I can wear one or the other or I can mix the colors together for a funky, colorful scarf.

Later, I found a much larger T-shirt and cut it up so I could have a longer scarf. It turned out great too. I can easily double it and it hangs loose. I’ve received so many compliments on my scarves and no one can believe I made them (let alone so quickly and easily).

You can make a scarf like this in under ten minutes. Try your own variations: use a patterned T. Mix together strands from a couple of different colored Ts. It’s up to you. And while you’re at it, check out the other scarves that members of Made This, Love This created.

Indiana’s DIY site will have a new idea every month. I encourage you to sign up and join in future projects.


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3 responses to “DIY T-Shirt Scarf

  1. I would have NEVER thought you made these from an old tee! I am very impressed. Super cute!!

  2. Alicia

    I couldn’t get mine to look good. It looked cheap. My t-shirts were too old I guess…lol…

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