Polka-dot Jovovich: Five New Ways

About three weeks ago I styled my black and beige Jovovich-Hawk dress from Target’s Go International Designer Collective. I wasn’t totally thrilled with it. The boots were a bit schlumpy, the blue tights were too Avatar. It wasn’t horrible, but didn’t love what I’d done with the outfit. And if you don’t love an outfit, your whole day might be thrown off.

Instead of giving up (I’m too stubborn for that), I thought I’d try to redeem myself. So today, I’m sharing five new options with you—including a couple of unbelted looks (which I’d previously said wouldn’t work).

This is probably my favorite variation: I added a red patent belt, black tights, and high-heel Oxford’s. I wore this to work.

red belt

Dress: Jovovich-Hawk for Target
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Ross Dress for Less
Shoes: Seychelles

Next, I boldly removed the belt. I thought this would look sort of tent-like, and I guess it does, but not in a bad way. This is a very comfortable option; the lack of belt really changes the look of the outfit. I’d wear it to work this way too, or to lunch with friends.

no belt

Then, I replaced the tights with leggings and added bright red ballet flats. This is much more casual, but extremely comfortable. I feel a bit like a French mime, but I’m not sure why. I’m having a hard time pin-pointing it. I’d wear this on a Saturday to run errands and buy groceries.

red shoes

Tights: Newport News
Shoes: Payless

Back to the belt. I chose a plain black elastic belt. I removed the leggings and tried a bare-legged look with faux-suede boots. I’d wear this to dinner or dancing. For me, bare legs and a short shirt wouldn’t work at work.

tan boots

Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Wanted

Finally, I traded the boots for open-toed shoes. I added an orange clutch to see how else I could use a splash of color. I’ll wear this to dinner when the weather improves. It’s summer but not too summer-y, if you know what I mean. I wanted to see if I could style this dress for various seasons and occasions. And I’m happy with my new options. What do you think? How would you style this?

orange clutch and tan shoes

Clutch: Shiraleah
Shoes: Aerosoles

Here’s a poem to celebrate spring and National Poetry Month:

Spring is like a perhaps hand
by e. e. cummings

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere)arranging
a window,into which people look(while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here)and

changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and from moving New and
Old things,while
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there)and

without breaking anything.


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4 responses to “Polka-dot Jovovich: Five New Ways

  1. I really like the looks you’ve created with this dress (I kinda liked the blue tights, too!). 🙂 My favorite is with the leggings and red flats. I’d really love to see it with the red flats AND the red belt!!

    Sophistique Noir – Dark, Elegant Fashion

  2. Dee

    I like all the looks! I also have this dress and have been trying to style with red and black accessories – I like the way the red pops. I love the idea of a nude shoe – think I’ll try that next. It’s such a fun, comfortable dress!

  3. Yeah, it’s so comfortable – and versatile. I like red accessories too but I’m thinking of other ways to wear it. I was surprised how well the nude shoe worked. It kind of pulls the polka-dots out of the dress and puts the focus on them. I’d love to see how you style it. Point me to a link or send piks!

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