Guest Blogger: Deb of Real Girl Runway

I’m Deb of Real Girl Runway and I’m so happy to be guest blogging here today on Jean of all Trades.  Jean and I have arranged to switch blogs today through the Feminist Fashion Bloggers group.  Make sure to check out Jean’s post on my blog here.

I am so fortunate that I’ve had so many wonderful women who’ve influenced my life and my style.  When it comes to fashion, some of my biggest influences came from my family.  I come from a long line of stylish women.  My Mom has amazing personal style as does my Aunt.  I love looking at pictures of my family from bygone eras.

Long Necklace

My mom always encouraged me to be myself.  She is a very classic dresser but I’ve always been a more on the adventurous side.  She suffered through my crazy punk, 80’s teen years, full of crazy combinations, studs and spiked hair.  Even if Mom didn’t like something that I was wearing, she always had something positive to say.  She helped me to refine my personal style and to be unique but appropriate for all occasions.  She taught me everything I know about remixing.  When we would shop and I’d find an item I loved, her first question was always, what else do you have that you can wear that with?  She encouraged me to stretch my dollar and taught me how to bargain shop.


One of the most important fashion lessons my mom ever taught me was how to walk in heels.  When she bought me my first pair of heels, she made me practice.  She explained about the ways to walk gracefully and take smaller strides.  She showed me that clomping and stomping in heels just looked clumsy and not pretty.  It’s a lesson that’s stayed with me my entire life.  I’m not a petite Sarah Jessica Parker size. Learning how to walk in heels as a tall, plus size girl was important.

I’ve learned so many great style lessons from the women in my family.  There are too many lessons to count but here are a few:

  • Fit is the most important thing.  If you can’t alter it yourself, find a good tailor.
  • When you buy an item, think of your closet and how you can mix and match it in the future.  Buyer’s remorse is never fun.
  • Great jewelry and accessories can make or break an outfit.
  • Take off your makeup every night and moisturize.
  • Always be yourself.  Expressing yourself through your clothes is a must.

Vintage items from My Mom

Some of my most cherished fashion pieces are accessories given to me by my Mom.  They are items that she has owned for many years and I always admired.  I’ve worn some of them in my posts.  I remember Mom carrying her gold Whiting & Davis bag to parties when I was very young.  I always loved it and was so excited when she gave it to me.  Every time I wear something that belonged to her, it brings back wonderful memories.  The items that she’s given me are wonderful but the lessons are priceless.


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2 responses to “Guest Blogger: Deb of Real Girl Runway

  1. Your mum’s tips are very sound indeed. ‘Buyer’s remorse’ – as I shall refer to it from now on – is all-too-familiar for yours truly…

  2. carmen

    I agree – what we wear reflects our personality!

    How wonderful to have tangible treasures of happy memories!!!

    Do you display the gold purse when you aren’t using it?

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