Sunny Yellow for Santa Fe

I’m planning a trip to Santa Fe. So if you’re tired of me complaining about gray skies and rain, don’t worry. I’ll soon have outfit posts featuring summer wear. I cannot wait. Actually, I couldn’t wait and I went ahead and road-tested a dress I bought at a thrift store a few months ago.

yellow sundress

Dress: Forever 21 via thrifted
Tank: Wet Seal
Hat: Foodland in Hawaii
Shades: Target
Shoes: Payless
Purse: JC Penneys

Don’t I look happy? Sadly, it was about 43 degrees on this particular day so I couldn’t keep this look going for long. I did find a way to “winterize” it. I ditched the hat and glasses and grabbed my go-to safari jacket. I added a DIY scarf that I made out of a T-shirt, swapped the sandals for boots, and off I went.

warm yellow

Scarf: DIY
Jacket: Target via thrifted
Boots: Wanted

Are you in the throes of spring or are you still hanging onto winter wear?


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4 responses to “Sunny Yellow for Santa Fe

  1. You get to go to the sunshine? So jealous! I’ve started wearing sundresses in spite of the cold. I like to pretend it’s warm when I get dressed in the morning, and end up staying inside most of the day… 🙂

  2. What a wonderful dress! Hope the sunshine reappears soon…

  3. SadieSewBaggins

    I just happen to be packing up my winter clothes today… out with the spring/summer wear! And this year I’m not just packing up my clothes but Angus’ too. Bye bye to the miniature sweater vests and toddler cords until next fall.

  4. Argh! I am so jealous! It is cold and rainy here all week and all I want to do is wear summer dresses and sandals. You look great!

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