Santa Fe Art Walk

Canyon Road is Santa Fe’s premier art district. It’s an old part of town and boasts over 100 galleries (and a smattering of shops and restaurants). It’s an incredible place. The rows of adobe houses-turned-galleries offer art to view and purchase. Of course there is classic Southwest art, but there are a lot of other styles too: abstract, photorealistic, sculpture, glass work, jewelry, pottery and more. Truly something for everybody.

To me, even the buildings on Canyon Road are pieces of art. I photographed the structures on the walking tour I took with my friends. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect.

turquoise door

blue window


On our walk, I noticed an unusually large quantity of animal sculptures. Mostly horses and cattle, with some bears and rabbits thrown in the mix. These animals seemed representative of the local fauna.


burro and scooter

dancing sheep

Yes, Laura, Cheryl, and Autumn are following the herd. It takes two to tango and apparently three to can-can. Well, four can play that game.


Dress: Forever 21 via thrifted
Wrap: NYC Street Vendor
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Timberland

Leave it to me to shift the conversation to fashion. Today, however, I saw a fashion/art connection, as you can see by the dresses at various galleries.

dress sculpture

dress as art

notes dress

Canyon Road was probably the highlight of my trip. At lunch, I had the best veggie burger in the world at The Tea House. It was homemade and so delicious. They make a mean latté too. On the way back, I couple of other pieces of art captured my attention: The honeycomb and bee pattern is similar to the dress Laura wore yesterday.


Glass is a popular art medium in the Pacific Northwest and that’s probably why these sculptures drew me to them.


Prices for art ranged from less than $100 to well into five digits. There was a variety of things to look at and a few pieces I could actually afford. Mostly, I found the day inspiring. I’ve already pulled out my paints and canvases and have a few plans. Just in case my plans fall through, I wrote down the number of one of the galleries. There’s a wonderful abstract painting at a manageable price—and they ship.


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87 responses to “Santa Fe Art Walk

  1. great pictures.looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends. good post.congrats.

  2. Thanks for this great tour! And congrats of FP-ed. Hang on for the ride—————–

  3. very nice pictures!!!

  4. Nice photos. Love the animal sculpture too.

  5. Awesome sculptors really…Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  6. The blue door and window pic are really neat….so quaint lookning!

  7. loved every photo! If you love art, check out my blog sometime to take a look at pakistani art. I’ll be posting on it today ^_^ Congrats on FP!

  8. Thanks for sharing your pics! Looks like a great place to find many treasures.

  9. Great photos. So colorful and vibrant. Lovely post.

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  11. Marc Schuster

    I’m going to Santa Fe (for the first time!) at the end of June. Your post made me wish I were going sooner!

  12. Is this where creativity resides?

  13. Hello, I’m Jean from France. I like your blog, nice pics and good post ! I travel thanks to you !

  14. I love the blue color of that door. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Such INTERESTING pix…love ’em!


    Thank you for choosing unusual subjects and quirky perspectives. Very cool…

  16. thor27

    Neat blog !! I’ll add you to my links at later !

  17. Santa Fe is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. I love the architecture and the art galleries and the whole creative community over there. Fab photos as well!

  18. Gorgeous fotos! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of your world, nice way to wake up this morning 🙂

  19. been there done that and it was nice. i have not even posted all my photos.

  20. paisleyandplaid

    The top dress on the form is gorgeous. It looks like a dyed silk in a random pattern. Might try that. Got to get out to Santa Fe.

  21. Going to add this to my list of places to go when I go to CA next year.

  22. A pleasant read, Jean. I very much enjoyed the brief little venture down Canyon Road with you. 🙂

  23. Love the first photo in particular. I have been dying to spend some more time in the Southwest. Hope you are enjoying some of the killer food Santa Fe has to offer too! My parents took a few classes at the Santa Fe School of Cooking and came back with some dynamite recipes.

    • The food was great! I had such fresh, tasty dishes. I’m a vegetarian and the choices were super: butternut squash tacos, veggie burgers. My carnivore friends would have different, but equally good stories to share about their meals. There’s something for everybody.

  24. Modern Funk

    Canyon Road is an art lover’s dream…just an amazing place. These shots are great…love the humor and quirkiness in some of them. 🙂

    Congrats on FP!

  25. Great photos! Canyon road is a magical place, for sure!

  26. All of these are great but my favs are the wonderful turquoise door and the musical notes dress! joni

  27. wow, looks like a really cool place to visit! I can’t believe they have that many art galleries in one place

  28. Great photos. I gotta go there!

  29. Congrats on being FPed from a fellow ecx-Toronto creative person now living in the U.S.

    My sweetie of 11 years is from Santa Fe so we visited and walked the same streets and I took pix and made some small drawings and watercolors there. It’s such a gorgeous city. Hope you found time for a massage at Ten Thousand Waves.

    • Nice to meet a fellow Canuck! I’m inspired to paint what I saw in Santa Fe. I’d love to see your drawings and paintings. Sadly, I didn’t get a massage at Ten Thousand Waves.

  30. anonnickus

    I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert many years ago. I loved his music and the banter between numbers. You have achieved the same blend of art and warmth. The pics are great and the fourth is for Bridge. Good post.

  31. LOVE Sante Fe. Thanks for the post. Beautiful photos.
    Agree with broadsideblog… 10,000 Waves is a MUST for
    soothing the soul and relaxing all parts of your being.
    Combined with great art, great food = heavenly.

  32. Loved your fotos! It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

  33. beautiful! makes me wanna take a trip!

  34. Teresa Silverthorn

    My favorite city in the country. Thanks for reminding me…

  35. A dress from musical notes! How lovely! Thanks for the sharing!

  36. I love the dress made out of sheet music! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  37. great photos. what are those red things hanging outside?

  38. Looks like a lot of fun! Beautiful pictures!

  39. If you ever get the chance to go there again, try to go on a Saturday afternoon and walk by Loretto church. There are a lot of wonderful home made crafts and custom jewelry at great prices there. It is a lot of fun to watch people make the jewelry.
    Take care! 🙂

    • I did! I’m going to post later about the jewelry we picked up. We stayed at the Inn at Loretto, saw the church, and bought wonderful pieces of turquoise, amethyst, and such at the market. I had custom pieces made on the spot – very cool. Great idea. I recommend it too!

  40. Nice. I love the burro/moped contrast.

    • Thank you. I wanted to wax poetic about the contrasts and similarities of old vs new forms of transportation but I let the photo speak for itself. Glad you noticed what was on my mind.

  41. I want to go to Santa Fe now! Congrats on being freshly pressed!!!

  42. Thanks for sharing. Brought back great memories of my one visit in Santa Fe. Great food, art and fantastic architecture–the place offers a lot to love. Congrats on being FPed as well.

  43. I *LOVE* the color of that blue door. Great pictures of the art and your buddies all having fun!

  44. Thanks everybody for your comments and for viewing and/or liking my post. It’s so fun to write about my adventures and I loved having the opportunity to communicate with others. It’s nice when blogging isn’t a one-way street. I’m so thankful for the opportunity at exposure that being Freshly Pressed offers.

    I’ll write more about jewelry, food, and adventures in Santa Fe in upcoming posts. I’m also looking forward to exploring your blogs.


  45. these pictures are amazing. so much culture!

  46. Wow… it’s a great trip and the pictures are it. I hope I can go to Santa Fe..:)

  47. That Notes Dress is super stunning
    please stop by and say hi

  48. That’s a great show! Everywhere is art piece.

  49. thanks for sharing!!! now i am soo re-inspired to make some art now!!! 😀 check out my blog too! thanks!

  50. stylistnc

    Love the photos. I hope to get there next year.

  51. I’m vacationing in Santa Fe this summer. Thanks for a look into some of the stuff in the area. I love the arts so I’ll definitely have to check out Canyon Road.

  52. I really love the photos of the dresses, especially the music one. Very inspiring, thank you.

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  54. Gosh, those hanging peppers are gorgious. You’ve got a talent. A beautiful talent. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Love the donkey and the music dress. Nice photos.

  56. I’ve been to Santa Fe during a festival, it was quite beautiful.

  57. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  58. Wow! Love the dress sculptures!

  59. Absolutely LOVED this post! It’s inspired and inspiring…as a fellow lover of word, colour and the mix, I enjoyed the treat. I recently spent a weekend in a fishing village outside Cape Town, South Africa and your photo’s are reminiscent of the detail of some of the village houses…especially that gorgeous blue door. Thank you.

  60. You’ve inspired me to return to Santa Fe. I remember a beautiful quilt exhibit on Canyon Road from my visit. The fabric art was amazing. I also found some beautiful earrings that remind me of Canyon Road each time I wear them.

  61. saltybi11

    Nice donkey! I love it when people “act out” statues lol

  62. Excellent photography! I’m a new blogger, it’s long overdue, but I have finally joined this wonderful community. I feel right at home. I’ve been to Santa Fe only twice, but the experience was definitely memorable and your photographs capture all of the aura and energy that makes Santa Fe just what it is. Thanks.

  63. What a lovely post! When am i going back to Santa Fe?

  64. thank you! i always wanted to to go to santa fe but never had the chance. i feel like a i took a little sneak peek tour of the city. because i am an artist people always tell me-“you should go to santa fe, you’ll love it there” i just might! thanks again!

  65. You have brought back wonderful memories…many thanks for the journey back in time!

  66. I love your pics and the story they tell! Another wonderful place to visit that this reminds me of is Sedona, AZ. You can walk around and interact with the sculpture and artwork, as well.

  67. I love that town. Skip the dresses, but love all else. Great piece, nice legs.

  68. The blue door really is amazing. Did you happen to try out the small door in the bottom of the door? Maybe it’s a portal to another dimension, and is powered by all crystals from the gift shops of Santa Fe! 🙂 My curiosity would have gotten the best of me.

  69. Steve

    Love Sante Fe. Wish I could live there.

  70. chocolatespacemonkey

    Only been to Santa Fe once. It made an impression.

  71. Rachel

    Great pictures! I’m so jealous, I haven’t made it to Santa Fe in a couple years, but your post gave me a whiff of pinon smoke, green chilies and the fabulous galleries on Canyon Road. Thank you!

  72. Wow, those are awesome photos! I haven’t been to New Mexico yet, but I live in southwest Colorado so I’m quite close… I think I need to make time for a trip! I love all the color.

  73. Great Place! I’m very impressed of the galleries and the animal sculptures.

  74. Great pictures! and a good post as well 🙂

  75. Tatiana

    That’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
    Stay style dizzy:)

  76. Loved the pics, especially the last one (although I have no idea what those are, lol)! Also enjoyed your brief mention of your clothes., that’s such a womanly thing to do 😉

  77. Looks like a paradise. I like the birds, too … 😉

  78. What a fun day Jean! Fun and lovely photos too. Celeste 🙂

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