Ivan Grundahl Night Model

I few months ago I bid on an amazing Ivan Grundahl coat on eBay. Much to my surprise, I snapped it up for about $140. It retailed for much, much more, but a brick and mortar store was selling last year’s inventory online.

Ivan Grundahl is a stellar Danish designer. The lines are sharp, the silhouettes are dramatic. His work is often asymmetrical. It’s deconstructed yet simple. To me, the pieces are very artistic.

I wore the coat to a movie a few weeks ago. Last night, out of the blue, my husband said, “can you put on that coat and come with me?” It was after ten pm and I wondered what he was up to. He grabbed his camera and tripod, an umbrella, and a stool, and took me to Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood.

He hoisted me up onto a loading dock by a set of train tracks and set up a shot. He wanted a model for an idea he had. Here’s what he created:



The photos are not manipulated. I love how they almost look black and white, but aren’t. Because we were out after dark, he used an exposure that opened the shutter for more light. The photos are slightly grainy, but that’s one of the things I love about them.

On the way home, we stopped in the Cascadia neighborhood and he took this shot:


Then we found an empty parking lot downtown Seattle, and he took a few more shots:


night light

Finally, I convinced him to join me. He set the timer and we posed for a few shots together:



Usually, I’m the one with the tripod and timer. For this blog, I’m my own photographer. So it was nice to be a model for a night and follow someone else’s direction.


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4 responses to “Ivan Grundahl Night Model

  1. I am no fahionista. I had never heard of IG. But I know what I like. These photos are great. I especially like the first and last ones. Fun.Cool. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! It was a fun shoot. My husband has a good eye. I don’t make a big deal of brands. Im just as happy in Old Navy as designer threads, but when I learned about IG at a local boutique, I was impressed.

  2. carmen

    These photos are fabulous! The photographer did an excellent job! The poses are great – so professional and creative. Mysterious setting sets the mood for these dramatic photos. The silhouettes are very effective. You should send the link or photos to Ivan Grundahl.

    The last two shots are so romantic – suitable for making a large print and framing! Also, cards for Hallmark!

  3. Amazing coat, amazing shots. There is something eerie and romantic about them, all at the same time. Really, a wonderful post!!

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