Vegan Posse on Broadway

My post title is a ripoff the title of a song (Posse on Broadway) on Sir Mix-a-Lot’s debut album, Swass. I just couldn’t resist. Sir Mix-a-Lot is a Seattle native and wrote the song about our Broadway, not the one in NYC.

The Seattle Broadway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood is where hubby and I spent the day. We lived in Capitol Hill when we first moved in together. It’s an eclectic, artsy neighborhood, and home to Seattle’s gay scene.

We first stopped at Highline, a vegan bar and diner, hubs had a bloody mary and biscuits and gravy. I had a tofu scramble and French toast. I like Highline. It’s got a punk rock, blue-collar vibe with no pretense.


Then we walked around the perimeter of a construction site. Perhaps not the most interesting thing in the world—unless you’re in Capitol Hill. The plywood walls that blocked off the 100′ hole in the ground (there’s an underground light rail tunnel being developed) were peppered with art. This must be a city-sanctioned project; every piece was attributed to an artist. My favorite was a mosaic by Cameron Larson made of bottle caps:


I liked the humor in the huge, wooden newspaper mural by Amanda Moore:


And Tim Marsden’s “Boom” made an impact:


On the way back to my car, we found a medicinal marijuana dispensary. They were closed:


Top: Old Navy
Pants: Bluenotes
Clutch: Crystalyn Kae
Scarf: Boutique in Portland
Socks: The Gap
Shoes: Bamboo

Sock and sandals are a “fashion don’t” but I’m liking the combo. I think this looks best with chunky heels though. Flats might look frumpy and delicate heels might look out-of-place unless the socks are thin. Do you dare wear socks and sandals? What other “don’ts” do you try?

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