Three Little Paintings

three paintingsI really enjoy painting. I have since I was a kid, and I even minored in fine art in university. Lately, though, painting has taken a back seat to some of my many other interests. It’s tough being Jean of all Trades and having my fingers in so many pies!

This evening, however, I kept away from the television and brought out the paints. I chose acrylic for its fast drying time. I kept the paint flowing and worked on style and blending, not perfection.

I like creating painterly pieces and I wanted the bottles to have an element of whimsy to them and possibly even look like you’ve consumed the wine and can’t see straight. Or maybe they look like I drank the wine before embarking on this project!

I like deep yellows and blended a few colors together to come up with a marigold shade and some lighter yellow too. I thought that would be a good background for the richness of the bottles.

I painted the bottles with different tones too, so they look like glass. I didn’t try to make then photorealistic though. They float on a relatively flat plane (although I did add lighter and darker tones to create a sense of roundness).

Explanations aside, the main thing is that I had fun painting the bottles. I hung them in my kitchen (next to my wine rack) so I could take pictures for this site and for Etsy (I’ve posted them on my Etsy page so, yes, they are for sale).

Fortunately for me, they fit right into my kitchen where I’ll be keeping them on the wall until someone buys them.

I have a few other painting projects in mind. A coffee cup series is probably next. I also want to paint a giant enlargement of what viruses look like under a microscope, but I doubt people would want to hang those in their kitchens.

Do you paint? What type of creative endeavors are you interested in? What inspires you? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about it.

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