Stripes in Sunny Seattle

Hurrah! Another wonderful day. It’s been sunny and 80 degrees in Seattle this weekend and everyone is out. The beaches are packed, Pike Place is hopping, and I got out too.



Cardigan: Smart Set
Top: Target
Skirt: Dress Barn
Belt: Steve Madden
Shoes: Aerosoles
Sunglasses: Target

Today my husband and I went to India Bistro for a buffet lunch. We spent time wandering around Ballard and Fremont, just enjoying the day. Then, I found my dream home.

cement home




It’s a poured cement structure on the edge of an industrial area in between Fremont and Ballard. It’s steps away from a bike path, and close to a supermarket, but it doesn’t have immediate neighbors. That’s my ideal: in the city, but without anybody next door.

I love the lush gardens with wisteria vines hanging from overhead, and all sorts of perennial groundcover. No lawn to mow. The doors are red (to match the car?) and the window frames are turquoise. It’s a postmodern structure and seems perfect for an urban couple. My husband pointed out that the lower level is a business and the upper floors are the residence. Live/work perfection! It’s not for sale, nor would it be in my price range, but it’s good to know what I like. Nothing wrong with having goals.


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3 responses to “Stripes in Sunny Seattle

  1. Beautiful photos! And I love how your outfit is red, white and blue without looking like a flag. Fun post!

  2. I never thought of that – I’m pretty patriotic-looking here. You gave me an idea for a non-flag type 4th of July getup.

  3. Great photo shoot!! I like what Kristen wrote–red, white and blue without looking like a flag!

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