Tattoo Dress and Blue Tights

I am a woman of contradictions. I’ve said (many times now) that I shouldn’t wear clothes with empire waists. And here’s yet another item with such a cut. I take it all back. Rather than looking pregnant, I think this cut makes my legs look long. Lemons into lemonade. I also said blue tights were too Avatar, and here I am wearing them again. Never say never.

tattoo dress


The pattern of this dress drew me to it. It’s a tattoo-inspired hearts-and-lovebirds design and I thought it fancied up an otherwise plain black dress. I like the fact that I’m wearing a $20 dress with $700 shoes. How’s that for a contradiction? Of course I didn’t pay that much for the shoes; new, that’s what they’d be.

In addition to saving money, buying second-hand leather goods aligns more with my philosophy. I don’t like buying new leather products when there are so many great vegan options out there (like the vegan bag) I’m using today.


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3 responses to “Tattoo Dress and Blue Tights

  1. I love colored tights! I wish I had some…the blue ones look great on you! I’ve often had the same thoughts about empire cuts on me, but you’re right about the cut of that dress making your legs look long.

  2. carmen

    I love your colourful tights collection – you must have a colour for every outfit – very cool. With this dress it accentuates your slim, long legs. You look smurfy! 🙂

    (smurfy – used to describe something really cool)

    BTW – what’s wrong with Avatar? 😉

  3. Tights are an inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit. I do have almost every color. You’re right: there’s nothing wrong with Avatar 🙂 I should embrace my inner Navi.

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