Thrifty Thursday: Tunic and Jeans

Imagine if I were famous. Here’s a photo you might see in the tabloids:


Don’t worry; I’m more approachable than that. Not that I couldn’t run at you like a rabid ferret. But why? I might run to you to tell you all about my latest thrifty find. Don’t be afraid. Just don’t make eye contact.



Tunic: Swapped ($0)
Tank: Gifted ($0)
Necklace: Claire’s ($8)
Clutch: Thrifted ($10)
Jeans: Ernest Sewn on sale ($49)
Boots: Naturalizer via thrifted ($9)

I’m a big fan of clothing exchanges. I get to give away things I don’t need and I can take nice clothes off someone else’s hands. At the last clothing exchange I attended, I picked up this tunic. It’s an empire waist, which I keep saying I shouldn’t wear, but I think it lies flat enough not to look like a maternity top. My new rule: I can’t get mad at someone who asks me “when I’m due” if I’m wearing an empire-waist top.


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2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Tunic and Jeans

  1. I’m a HUGE Flippin’ FAN of being cheap yet being fabulous! And I like your style!
    I think it’s funny how your jewelry costs more than your clothes.
    The clutch is adorable and so are the boots. You can pull off that top without looking “maternal” … cute!!!

  2. Thanks! I love a good deal. It’s more fun and adventurous to look for thrifty finds. I love that clutch too. It’s by the Seatbelt Bag Co. and is made of woven seatbelt straps. Should last a while!

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