It’s Father’s Day!

Yesterday was Sushi Day and today is Father’s Day. It’s been quite a weekend! And I haven’t even published the post about the Seattle Fashion Bloggers meetup yet. First things first. In lieu of a card (although there is a parcel in the mail), I thought I’d write a little something about my dad.

jean and dad

Yes, that’s me with my dad a long time ago. We had a lot in common. Firstly, we both liked vests. Dive a little deeper, and you’d learn that I developed a love of animals from my dad. I learned a lot about photography too. In fact, the very first picture I ever took was of my dad (using his SLR). Here’s that shot. I was 7. He must have been 31.


My dad and I also share a love of cars, specifically vintage German vehicles, like the 60s era Porsche 911. In a pinch, a Mercedes SLS will do the job.

dad benz

When I got married, my dad was there to approve of the event, contribute to it, and enjoy the celebration on the beach in California. He’s great friends with my husband, which is a relief to me.

wedding day

So, while my dad and I live miles and miles apart, we share a lot of commonalities. That keeps me thinking about my dad. Every time I use my camera, help out a little animal, or admire nice cars, he’s on my mind.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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2 responses to “It’s Father’s Day!

  1. Happy father’s day to your Dad! I love your wedding dress! Simple yet very, very stylish. Those details are awesome.

  2. Thanks for the Father’s Day tribute! You made my day!

    You have a great talent for writing, hope the stories I read to you when you were a child helped 😉

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