Organizing my Jewelry

I like buying and making jewelry. Add to that equation, the fact that I rarely get rid of pieces and you would be correct in assuming I have quite the collection. I’ve recently started getting organized so I can use all my pieces and not forget about them. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I displayed all my hook-back earrings on a picture frame with screen behind it. It’s really convenient, hangs on my bathroom wall, and looks nice too. You can have your very own by shopping at Sadie Sewbaggin’s Etsy page. She’s a friend of mine, so tell her I sent you.


For all my studs (and other post-back earrings), I found this display rack on eBay. Yes, it’s probably for a retail display, but it works for personal use too.


I didn’t get fancy with my necklaces. I simply hammered a few nails into the wall at various heights and display them that way.


My loose pendants are in this beautiful wooden box that my friend Tom made. He made it! Isn’t that crazy? When it comes to woodworking, I’m all thumbs, but at least I still have them!


I’m still devising a plan for my bracelets and rings. I might buy a retail bracelet display that I saw at a craft store. It’s all velvety and elegant. I’d like to make a ring pillow but I don’t exactly know how. Any ideas? Maybe I’ll ask Tom.


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3 responses to “Organizing my Jewelry

  1. carmen

    Even the way you display your jewelry is artistic! Such a good idea to have everything visual and handy to choose what you are going to wear. And when you aren’t wearing them, you can enjoy looking at your collection.

  2. Sonja

    On the web I’ve seen recommendations to put your bracelets and bangles on old wine bottles or the wooden rack of kitchen roll, maybe that could be a solution for you.

  3. Thanks for the geat idea Sonja. I like the idea of reusing a wine bottle. Your kitchen idea got me thinking that there might be a pretty paper towel holder that would work. Hmm.

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