DIY Maxi Skirt

Pretty Shiny Sparkly put out another Bloggers do it Better challenge. Each challenge showcases real women rocking a current trend. Last time, I tried neon and neutral. This time, the assignment is to style a maxi skirt.

I have a few maxi skirts in my closet, but I also have a photo of a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I’ve been lusting after and meaning to replicate. So last night, coming off a migraine that kept me from work, I pulled out the fabric I’d purchased months ago. There’s nothing like a 5 hour nap and a deadline to get creative juices flowing.

maxi skirt


blue and purple

T-shirt: Old Navy
Scarf: DIY
Skirt: DIY
Belt: Steve Madden
Earrings: Shirazi, Seattle
Sandals: Payless

It’s a three-tiered skirt. I overlapped the panels and left the hems on the outside for a raw, unfinished look. The Vivienne Westwood skirt was olive green, but I have a green maxi skirt so I chose purple and navy. I’ll be able to wear this with bright t-shirts in the summer, and warmer, darker tops in the winter. It’s going to look nice with boots too.

I’m not an experienced seamstress, nor do I use patterns. Fortunately this project only required sewing straight lines. I measured, cut, pinned and sewed. I used a stretch poly blend, which ended up being slippery. I’m considering the “ruching” to be a feature, not a flaw.

If you’re looking to replicate this skirt, cut three panels for the front and three for the back. Sew the panels together lengthwise so you have one long, three-tiered back piece and one long, three-tiered front piece. Give yourself extra width; you can always sew the sides tighter. After you have the front and back sewn together you can sew the sides, flip it right side out, and you’re good to go!


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2 responses to “DIY Maxi Skirt

  1. boluxe

    Fun DIY! and so easy to accomplish. Thx 🙂

    robyn of

  2. Very original. I love your color choices!

    Glad to see you in the hop. Hop to see you at more challenges and at my blog. Come and see how a over 45 year old wears the Maxi Look yet again! (I have been through this trend before!) The Chief Blonde!

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