Another Grundahl

Several times now, I’ve mentioned a “Seattle boutique” that “recently closed” because “the owner retired.” The shop was Synopsis 206 in the Pioneer Square neighborhood and I miss it.

Almost every time I publish a post that features an original piece by a designer, I start by mentioning the boutique. Well, if you’ve been adding it up, yes, I made off with quite a haul. I bought six skirts, a dress and a pullover. The cost of all of the items would have been over $3000 but everything was 70% off the lowest ticketed price.

Here’s the Ivan Grundahl skirt I bought that delightful and pricy day.


Shirt: Old Navy
Pleather jacket: JC Penney
Faux leather boots: Liz & Co.
Clutch: Coach via thrifted
Necklace: Premier Designs

This seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “stock up” (so to speak) and acquire my first pieces by Neodandi, Cop Copine, Selma Karaca, and Ivan Grundal. I’m not a slave to brands, but I’m not going to turn down original, quality pieces either. I have one more Grundahl that I bought long after that spending spree. I wrote about the coat in another post.

I find it funny how I’ll wear a $5 shirt with a $450 skirt (even if I didn’t pay that for it). Do you mix high and low-end items too?


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5 responses to “Another Grundahl

  1. I absolutely understand your thrill at getting quality pieces at a bargain price, and also at mixing high and low fashion! That outfit suits you very well, and the skirt rocks!

  2. Sure, although I don’t have anything quite that high end. I mix a lot of $7 Target t-shirts with my nicer stuff though. I love the skirt. We fondled everything in the Grundahl discount store when we were in Copenhagen, but nothing was quite right to come home with me. I probably should have worked harder at it because that was some beautiful stuff.

  3. I’m envious of you, Cynthia, for making it to Copenhagen. It’s on my list of places to visit. Perhaps I should shop less and save for a trip 😉 I rarely buy designer stuff and had to think long and hard about my purchase, even if it was a “deal.” That said, I would have never paid close to $450 for a skirt – heck, even my wedding dress was less than that! Thanks Poet, for writing. I get a kick ot of mixing high and low end stuff. Glad I’m not the only one!

  4. jaedabarbie

    I love your fashion sense.
    your blog is fun to read

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