Wedgwood Art Festival

Nothing says summer like an art festival. Practically every weekend all summer long different Seattle neighborhoods hold festivals where people gather to eat, drink, listen to music, enjoy the weather, and of course, shop.

My friend Lynn is a volunteer coordinator for the Wedgwood Art Festival, and encouraged me to sign up for a shift as a photographer. I was excited to be an officially sanctioned picture-taker for the day and ended up capturing about 125  photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

Lynn was also a vendor at the festival. Here are her soy candle B-lights. They’re tiny candles in wine cap lids.

B lights

The weather was perfect, and as I wandered around the festival, I ended up buying a few things. At Laughing Girl Arts I found an adorable ring. You’ll see it in a future outfit post. Here’s a sample of what her booth had to offer:


I bought a scarf from Tasha’s Accessories. There were so many beautiful, soft fabrics that is was hard to decide (I chose the giraffe print).


I was intrigued by the recycled metal sculptures at this booth, and suddenly wished I had a yard to put one in:


In addition to these booths, there was handblown glass, photography, quilts, dolls, watercolor, pastels, gift cards, woodwork, and so much more. Kids had their faces painted, I had a delicious vegan quesadilla, and I listened to music and wandered around in the sun. I met the author of The Lost Sea Cat, a children’s book, and I petted many a dog.

Check out the Festival website and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

I’ll be heading off to more art fairs this summer. Do you have plans to visit some as well? What’s the best score you’ve found at a street fair?


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2 responses to “Wedgwood Art Festival

  1. Hi Jean, Thanks for the nice mention and I hope you love your ring!
    Linda Laughing Girl Arts

  2. Anytime! I love the ring and I’ve received many compliments on it.

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