Thrifty Thursday: Dinner and Drinks

I put together an outfit for “fancy drinks” and I realized on the way home that I spent more on my food and beverages than I did on my entire outfit. No, the restaurant wasn’t that expensive. This was a testament to being thrifty. I went to Black Bottle with my friends Angie and Suzanne. The space is noisy and eclectic and anything goes. There were groups of friends, couples on first dates, and the cutest pair ever: two still-in-love octogenarians, out for a romantic dinner. I hope I’m that lucky in 40 or 50 years.

richard chai

Jacket: Bebe via Goodwill ($8)
Dress: Richard Chai for Target ($44)
Scarf: Thrifted ($2)
Clutch: Gifted ($0)
Shoes: Nine West via thrifted ($8)
Bracelet: Premier Designs ($35)
Earrings: Stella & Dot ($14)

The jewelry puts me over $100, but when I was thinking of the price of the food and the price of the outfit, I didn’t factor in the baubles. Minus the bling, this get-up comes to $62. That’s about how much I ate and drank. And it was money well spent. The family-style spicy veggies, flatbread, and bubbly went really well with good company.


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5 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Dinner and Drinks

  1. Love everything about this. Black Bottle. Check! Fabulous Baubles. Check! Very cool thrifted clothes. Check! The jacket kind of looks like the one we picked out together at The Goodwill Designer sale, but I don’t think it was Bebe… Hm. Can’t wait to get Jeanofalltrades time of my own next week!

  2. That outfit is adorable! We have an accessory store here called Charming Charlie’s that has the cutest accents for way cheaper than Premier. I think you’d like it! I really need to step foot into a thrift store it seems.

  3. @Elle: I’ve never heard of Charming Charlie’s – thanks for the tip. Looks like WA doesn’t have any locations so I’ll have to wait until I go to California.
    @Lucky: Good eye! It’s not the same blazer, but looks similar. I probably don’t need two that look alike, but one is satin 😉

  4. Kimbercrafts

    Those shoes are fabulous – great thrifting find!

  5. what a great outfit, one would never know it was thrifted
    made my over via EBEW

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