Mad Art Homes Take over Seattle

Run, don’t walk, to the Mad Art Homes in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood! Until August 7, 2011, five soon-to-be demolished homes are works of art. Several artists were given access to the interior and exterior of the homes and have created installation pieces in, on, and in between them. Here’s a small sampling of the photos I took of the exhibit:


Sculptures adorn the lawns of the homes


The homes are wrapped in art


A mechanical wolf pops out of the floorboards at regular intervals


Paintings on globes appear whole when viewed on the monitor


Clothing lines the surfaces of the rooms in this house

This free, art exhibit is open to the public every day between 12 and 7. You can find them at 711 Bellevue Avenue East, Seattle, WA. It’s vibrant a residential neighborhood, made even more so for the next two weeks.

They might not be fit for inhabitation, but the homes have become a perfect canvas/gallery for art.

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