Thrifty Thursday: Remixing Mustard Jeans

I’m wearing my skinny yellow jeans again today. I paired them once before with orange and white. Today I chose complementary colors: yellow and purple.

yellow pants


T-shirt: Target ($3)
Pants: See by Chloe ($30)
Shoes: Payless ($15)
Sunglasses: Target: ($9)
Cuff: Greenbelts ($15)

I picked up this shirt at Target, on the deep discount rack. I figured for $3 it was at least gym-worthy. I’ve worn it a few times already and I like how it goes well with yellow. It’s slimcut but loose enough to stay comfortable on hot days. The darker top creates a completely different look compared to the last time I wore these pants. I was so happy to score the pants online (they were normally $200).

What deals have you gotten recently?


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2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Remixing Mustard Jeans

  1. YELLOW PANTS! So cute and a great deal? You scored!

  2. Thanks! I was pleased to find them online. They had only my size left – it was meant to be!

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