20th Annual Seattle Hemp Fest

Today I enjoyed a relaxing day with hubby. We started off with brunch at Julia’s, a Wallingford restaurant. Then we went to the 20th Annual Seattle Hempfest. What started in 1991 as a peaceful protest against the government’s prohibition of marijuana has grown into the largest pro-cannabis festival in the world, with over 300,000 people expected over the weekend.


I was lured in by a free copy of Dope magazine

The sliver of a park, Myrtle Edwards, runs along Seattle’s waterfront beginning at Broad Street by the Olympic Sculpture Park. Tons of revelers listened to music and speakers (including doctors, lawyers and politicians). They danced, shopped and ate. They sun bathed, and rested in the shade. And yes, they got high (well some of them).

gray and black

Top: Radish Underground
Skirt: Synapse 206
Shoes: Aerosoles
Earrings: DIY
Bag: Nine West via thrifted
Sunglasses: Target

But there’s more to Hempfest than getting high. The hemposiums aim to educate the public about the many benefits of cannabis, including the medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic and environmental.

I want to see hemp used more as a fabric, food, and fuel. We wouldn’t be fighting for oil if our cars ran on hemp (totally possible). We could grow crops for fabric without the need for pesticides (unlike cotton). We’d have a renewable source of paper. Cannabis is a weed, after all, and grows like one, despite harsh conditions, poor soil, and limited water.

Tax the sale of marijuana (to responsible adults) and use the revenue to fund education. Legalize cannabis and dry up the main revenue stream for drug cartels. I know my arguments aren’t watertight, but I see a lot of benefits to legalizing marijuana.

Phew! To thank you for reading my soapbox rant, I present to you, a hippy school bus:

school bus

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