Street Style: Skirting the Issue

Cheryl and Dawn, two women at my work, have the same H&M circles skirt as I have. I hadn’t seen them in theirs recently so I decided it was safe to wear mine to the office. As soon as I did, I found Dawn wearing hers! Doh! Here’s Dawn with the skirt in pink.

pink circles

I love the white and pink combo. It’s so fresh and summery. I especially like how Dawn paired this outfit with a nude strappy sandal. They’re perfect. A white shoe would have been too matchy and a darker shoe would stand out too much.

After seeing Dawn in her skirt I realized a couple of things: First of all, it’s a great skirt and she wears it well. Secondly, the pink and white looks so different from the black and gray that I don’t think it’s worth worrying about who’s wearing what on which day. I’m going to wear mine whenever I want. And if I bump into Dawn or Cheryl wearing their skirts, well, I’ll be in good company.

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