Let the Sun Shine: Styling a maxi dress

Here I am on the way to happy hour with my friend, Dianne. I just loved how the sun came out at the perfect moment. I had to soak up a few rays before I left my place. I’m not a sun lover, but a minute of warmth does feel nice.

dress and scarf

navy and turquoise

Maxi: Forever 21
Scarf: Walgreens
Sandals: Payless
Bracelet: Street vendor in Santa Fe

I wore this maxi dress in the spring with a blazer and boots. Now, I’m wearing it in summer with sandals and a pashmina-type scarf (it gets cool after sunset in Seattle; I can easily wear this as a wrap if I need to). Best of all, the entire outfit was less than $65 (including the jewelry)

Maxi dresses and skirts look so elegant, and they are also comfortable. I highly recommend adding a maxi dress or skirt to your wardrobe. Do you have one in rotation? How do you style it?


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2 responses to “Let the Sun Shine: Styling a maxi dress

  1. Picture Perfect!

    You certainly have exquisite taste in clothes and shoes, and I love your poses and choice of backdrops! But these pictures are more than modelling a beautiful garment, they are very artistic! You have captured the sun at the perfect moment – even the angle of the lines in the siding adds to the feeling of sunbeams shining on you!!!

  2. Thanks! I love working with light in the morning or evening. I never noticed that the lines in the siding add to the sunbeam effect. I’m glad you pointed that out, er, I mean, I meant to do that 😉

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