Great Day for Dog Walking

I walk my dog every day (twice, actually). But not every day is perfect dog-walking weather. Nevertheless, Frankie insists on it. Who am I to argue? Today, however, was a perfect day for a walk.

walking the dog

I have a dog-walking wardrobe. Castoffs and old clothes not fit for my regular wardrobe. Most of my outfits are nothing to write home about. Comfy shoes, jeans that I don’t worry about when I get jumped on by crazy dogs at the park, and a weather-appropriate top (usually, that means a rain slicker; it could be a fleece sweater, or even a t-shirt, depending on the day).

The sun seemed a bit intense today. I slathered on the SPF, and wore a hat and shades. I bought this hat at Foodland, a grocery store in Hawaii. It was $4 and saved my scalp from getting burned while I was on vacation. It originally had a turned-up brim, like Blossom’s hats, but I folded it down to look more Holly Golightly.

dog tired

Top: Billabong via swapped
Capris: Boutique in Toronto
Hat: Foodland
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles
Frankie: Petfinder

I’ve finally relegated these wedge sandals to my dog-walking wardrobe. They’re almost falling apart so I don’t mind if they get dirty. I wish Aerosoles would bring back this style I bought them several years ago as casual summer shoes and then I learned I could walk for miles in them. They are so comfortable! I’ve trekked all over Seattle, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Portland, New York and Vancouver in these shoes. I’d buy a pair in every color if I had the chance.

Do you have a favorite go-to item in your wardrobe (shoes or otherwise)?

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