Thrifty Thursday: Black and Yellow

I rarely wear black and yellow (for fear of looking like a bee). Today I tried it, and I was quite pleased. Then again, bees are cool and there’s nothing wrong with emulating them. This is a three-piece outfit: top, pants, shoes. I’m used to layering more and mixing and matching but sometimes simple works.

black and yellow

thrifty business attire

Sweater: Suzy Shier
Pants: New York & Co.
Shoes: Payless

This outfit is thrifty (especially since I got the top for $5 at the Suzy Shier outlet) but it’s also comfortable. The pants are dressy, but they have an elastic waist. Perfect for long hours in front of a computer (or too much pie). I wish they were slightly longer, but with a kitten heel they sit at the right length. I really like wearing wide pants long so they almost touch the floor. Seems more elegant that way (and elongates the leg).

I also noticed that the “long” short sleeves are slimming. I’m not overly concerned with my upper arms, but I have noticed that a shirt sleeve that ends just above the elbow is slimming. You can see that in my post with the red t-shirt. Compared to my post with a shorter sleeved t-shirt, longer is better if you’re going for slimming effect and limb length. It’s all in the proportions.


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2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Black and Yellow

  1. I forget to consider proportion sometimes when I love something and then I realize, “yeesh, that is not doing me any favors.” Sometimes that still doesn’t stop me, haha.

  2. Me too – If I like something, I try to make it work. Lately I’ve noticed that certain cuts or proportions works best. I’m trying to keep that in mind when getting dressed.

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