Street Style: Falling for Layers

I love fall! It’s such a great season for style. You can layer to match the temperature and add or remove layers as the thermometer dips and rises. Some of my favorite clothing items are fall clothes: tights, scarves, blazers. Fall textures are my favorite too: corduroy, denim, tweed. Ah, autumn.

Ursula, one of my colleagues, is showing how fun fall fashion can be. She’s wearing a great two-toned scarf (both practical and stylish) with a dark denim tunic and black ankle-length leggings. I could see this tunic doubling as a dress in summer. For fall, it’s a great transition piece: The scarf and leggings make it work for cooler weather.


In fall, it’s not cold enough to always warrant socks. Ursula shows how fall isn’t all about boots. Look how cute a slip-on loafer can be. Her bare ankles remind us that there’s still beautiful sunny days to be had. Of course the only beaches we’ll be visiting in the Pacific Northwest are papered on the walls (just like the mural in the background).

Whenever I talk to Ursula about her outfits, I usually find out that she’s wearing something thrifted. Today’s look is no exception. The scarf and tunic are from Buffalo Exchange in Ballard. Ursula is great at finding thrifty looks from Buffalo, Goodwill, Value Village, and any other place she finds.

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  1. Go Ursula! This post really made me smile, for so many reasons. Thank you for posting it. You know what, I swear that this morning, I was just thinking to myself, “Hey, you should pull out your shiny leopard print loafers and slip them on without socks, while it’s still kinda sunny…” I’m not lying. Awesome to see that I’m on to something. Great tips!

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