DIY Wrap Skirt

Look what I made! I’m participating in Everybody, Everywear, and this month is DIY month. I like to alter clothing—make a mini from a maxi, make a scarf from a t-shirt—but I rarely make something from scratch.

DIY skirt

Top: Target
Skirt: DIY
Tights: Target
Earrings: DIY
Boots: Candies via thrifted
Bag: Swapped

This time, though, I did. And I did it right. I like to cut corners but this past weekend, I sat down with fabric, a skirt I used as a pattern, and all the proper supplies. I cut out the fabric (a single piece of stretchy material from the Halloween section of the fabric store), and stitched extra wide bias tape to the top edge.

The rest of the project was more like shop class. I used a hammer and pliers to fasten prong-ring fasteners to the bias tape. Now it’s a one-size fits all skirt. Wrap it, snap it, and off I go. I chose a mesh, semi-transparent fabric, so I’m wearing it with a slip.

position wrap and snap

The only downside with making things myself is the time and materials I put into the project. I spent about $15 in fabric and $10 in supplies. Add to that the hour and a half of labor and the time it took to buy the materials. I could have just worked for a couple of hours (doing something I’m good at) and bought a skirt (made by someone who’s good at that). But there’s a pride in making something by hand. It’s also a useful skill it I want a skirt in certain fabric or color that I can’t find in stores.

red and black

Are you participating in the challenge? What DIY projects have you tried? Check out all the other projects at Everybody, Everywear.


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17 responses to “DIY Wrap Skirt

  1. chameleonic

    great skirt!

  2. What a super cool idea! I bet it could also do double duty as a poncho/caplet.

  3. The fabric is really interesting! The texture and wine color is pretty. Nice DIY. I’ve also been thinking about making wrap skirts, but from to big thrifted skirts.

  4. Thanks everyone! I’ll try this as a poncho – what a great idea. I like the idea of making a wrap from a thrifted shirt. The material can get pricy so why not buy a cheap skirt and work from that. My skirt is 50″ wide, if that helps with your projects.

  5. HL

    I think about that every time I work on the project – the cost of materials and times doesn’t always feel like it’s worth it, but I’m always so proud of my projects in the end 🙂

  6. That is such a great idea!! I love how you made the skirt…it looks fantastic!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  7. You’re right, HL – There’s a pride that goes along with making something yourself. The cost doesn’t really play into it 🙂

    Natasha, the skirt has a slight curve to it – I can send you a photo of the laid-out material if you want. But you’re a genious with a sewing machine so I know you can figure it out 😉

  8. OK, that is an amazing idea. The one-size fits all wrap skirt that you never grow out of! I LOVE it! I’d say the price is worth it, especially for a fabric you really love!

  9. Great job!! I love that fabric. Yeah, I’m usually shocked when I look back and see what my DIY projects cost in the end… But sometimes if you stock up on things on sale and take advantage of coupons, it’s not *so* bad. 🙂 Jo Ann’s used to have weekends where entire brands of patterns were on sale for $1-2 each. So I have a couple dozen patterns I haven’t even used yet. eBay can have cheap fabric, if you shop around and can wait patiently for shipping! 🙂

  10. Kimbercrafts

    I like the idea of using snaps to create a wrap skirt – it looks so polished!

  11. I’ll look for an old skirt or some coupons so I can buy leopard print and make another one! I do like the black and burgundy though.

  12. This is a great Fall outfit. I really like all of the colors.

  13. meagan

    That skirt is gorgeous! Great idea!

  14. What a great outfit! You pulled together your DIY brilliantly. Love the boots!

  15. Thanks! The boots were $1 at a now-defunct thrift store. I got so many great things there before they closed. I like the color and love how they match my new skirt. That was a coincidence.

  16. Wow! Such a creative and chic DIY skirt. Love the color and the fit. Great job, eh.

    Cathy@uniform discount

  17. That look super easy. Awesome idea.

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