Street Style: Kid Edition

Here’s an anomaly: A fashionable child in Seattle. My adopted hometown is a very relaxed city. Anything goes, and I guess that’s a good thing. But sometimes fleece and Tevas (together, oddly) win out over more stylish attire. So I was happy to see this lad in his button down shirt and slacks. Nary a team logo in sight. What a blessed relief.

trendy kid

I’m not saying kids need to dress like mini adults. This guy looks sharp yet comfortable. I’m also digging his hair color. Don’t be surprised if I take a cue from his hue and tint my own tresses one of these days. I’ve been itching for a way to brighten up. Hmm.


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3 responses to “Street Style: Kid Edition

  1. carmen

    This fellow looks cool – nice to see a boy with style! There are many shops with great children’s apparel but most of the kids on the block are shabby – not chic!!

  2. sadie

    LOL. Love this post – I’m going to watch for his hair color to show up at GGM. Angus is back in his sweater vests with the cool weather. He looks quite snappy if I do say so myself.

  3. Carmen: There are a ton of cute kids’ outfits in stores but you’re right: they don’t make it to street style.

    Sadie: I think Angus should be the next mini street style model. I love his sweater vest look and he wears a sport jacket like nobody’s business!

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