Capris and a Cowl Neck

Look, it’s my Boodlebag again! I told you I use it a lot. Today I paired it with my favorite cowl neck top, a delicate cardigan, and my periwinkle Flexx sandals.

periwinkle and denim

shoes and purse

Top: Jacob
Cardigan: Ross Dress for Less
Jeans: True Originals
Earrings: DIY
Shoes: Flexx
Purse: Boodlebags
Cat: Petfinder

My top has a bit of a story to it. I found it when I was visiting my parents last summer, at a well-known Canadian store called Jacob. I bought it, packed it, and ruined the second I unpacked. It snagged on my suitcase zipper before I even had a chance to wear it once.

I called my mom, who graciously went back to the store, found the last medium, and mailed it to me here in Seattle. Disaster averted! Thanks Mom!


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3 responses to “Capris and a Cowl Neck

  1. chameleonic

    love your shoes in this one!

  2. carmen

    You’re welcome!! I love that shade of periwinkle and it looks great with your shoes.

    Careful that Alice doesn’t snag it – there are no more tops! 😉

  3. I held her just for the photo! I have to be careful (she has snagged a few pants while “kneading”).

    I was happy to have found those shoes on sale after not buying them earlier in the summer when they were full price.

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