Dress Up, Dress Down: Cropped Cords

I bought these corduroy pants at the Suzy Shier outlet in Cambridge (Canada). They were $5 and I’ve gotten my money’s worth, that’s for sure. I recently wore these pants to work and to a concert. Here’s how I dressed them up (and down).

cropped cords

Blazer: Forever 21
Tank: Swapped
Pants: Suzie Shier
Boots: Nine West via Goodwill
Necklace: Imani

The cropped length works with boots because the pants are narrow and there’s no gap between the bottom of the pants and the top of the boot.

When dressing these down in the past, I’ve cuffed the pants and turned them into capris. This time, I tucked them into knee-high boots. This length of pant is so versatile. They look great at full-length and are easy to cuff; when I tuck them into boots, there’s no excess fabric (as with a longer pant).

tucked in pants

Top: Swapped
Pants: Suzy Shier
Necklace: Macy’s
Boots: Candies via thrifted

In both my outfits, my boots are thrifted. Footwear is usually the priciest part of my wardrobe so getting these two pairs for a song really helped keep costs down. The dressier Nine West boots were $9 at Goodwill. The Candies boots were $1 on a blowout clearance at a now-defunct Seattle thrift shop. I love wearing them to live shows because they’re comfortable, sturdy, and tall! With them, I’m almost 6′ tall. I can see over any crowd when I’m wearing these.

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  1. Whoa! those boots look so nice on you. I’m obsessed with your boots 🙂

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