Graffiti-Inspired Pink and Gray

While wandering through Belltown, a Seattle neighborhood, a few weeks ago, I took a picture of a graffiti wall. It’s next to Vain hair salon and is part of a public parking lot. I enjoy artistic graffiti, but don’t appreciate tagging or vandalism. There’s a fine line between the two and a lot of it boils down to personal opinion. This wall reminded me of living in Toronto. I loved when the subway emerged from underground and ran, surface-level, behind the buildings on Bloor Street. The back of the buildings had an ever-changing array of graffiti.

graffiti wall

I liked the combination of the black wall and brights, so I promised myself to use this inspiration. I pulled out my fuchsia pants and paired them with a graphite-colored top. Sometimes it’s nice to have a casual day.

pink pants

pink and gray

Sweater: Ross Dress for Less
Tank: Wet Seal
Pants: JC Penneys
Boots: Dr Martens
Necklace: Claire’s

Bright pink pants are not for the shy. I wore these for the color-blocking challenge recently. How would you style pink pants (or would you)? What do you think about graffiti? Does it have a place? It is art?


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4 responses to “Graffiti-Inspired Pink and Gray

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    You are bold with the hot-pink pants. Like. I can see the graffiti inspiration in your outfit… very cool!

  2. Thanks Sadie! I enjoy bold colors 🙂

  3. Hey, I know that wall! I’ve walked by it many times, and I haven’t ever so brilliantly used it to inspire fashion. Jean of All Trades, you never fail to impress!!

  4. You’re so sweet. I’m running aound dressing up like a wall and you compliment me 😉 Thanks! It’s a nice wall though, isn’t it?

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