Burberry Kilt

I’ve always liked second-hand shops. But it’s only recently that I made peace with the idea of paying top dollar for gently used goods. Normally I pay a mere couple of bucks for a jacket or pair of pants at Goodwill or a small thrift shop. But with my Prada boots, Manolo Blahnik pumps, and now this, my Burberry kilt, I’ve been paying more.



Sweater: Target
Cardigan: Ross Dress for Less
Kilt: Burberry via Ragamoffyn’s
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: John Fluevog

The good news is, I’ve paid “normal” prices for designer items. This kilt retails for over $600. That ain’t happening! I got it at Ragamoffyn’s for $80. Not cheap, but it’s made in Scotland. I’ve never had anything made in Scotland before. Even the souvenir pen I bought in Scotland was made somewhere else.

I’ll still buy regular items at thrift stores, but when I do want a designer piece, or high-quality item that I know will last, there are places I can go to find them without paying astronomical prices.

Do you thrift? What your best thrifting find?


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5 responses to “Burberry Kilt

  1. I want to try Ragamoffyn with you! Wow, what a find! Very jealous of your amazing brands. I’d kill for Burberry and Manolo! 🙂 I have gotten some great deals at Nordstrom Rack and blogged about some of them here: http://goluckyduck.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/lucky-duck-hits-the-sale-of-the-century-at-nordstrom-rack/

  2. Let’s go at lunch next week! They have great finds. I’m envious of your sale of the century. You manage to get great goodies. And the St. John Jacket from Marshall’s was a steal too!

  3. Your fluevogs are the best part!! I’m a fluevog junky with a half dozen pairs, having only paid full price for 2 pair! Yeah thrift!!!

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