Black and Brown and…is that a cow?

“Why on earth is there a cow crossing sign in the middle of an urban shopping mall parking lot?” you might be thinking.

cow crossing

It’s a little way to have fun with electrical equipment. The clever mall designers camouflaged some sort of high voltage electrical box with a cow pattern. So naturally they’d need a cow crossing sign. The best part is that when you walk past the “cow,” it moos!

una dress

Dress: Una
Cardigan: Thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: Bass

But enough about bovines. I’m wearing my Una dress today and I’ve used it to show that black and brown can go together, even though they’re not often seen side-by-side.

When I bought this dress at Velouria this past summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Susan, the designer. I told her I would wear this dress with brown as soon as fall is here. So here I am, in fall, with my chocolate and ebony combo.


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6 responses to “Black and Brown and…is that a cow?

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    Very cute! Both the post and the outfit.

  2. That is a great… The outfit is very nice! 😉

  3. Thanks! I’ve been wearing that brown cardican a lot lately. I like the length – it works with a lot. And Una is a great brand. If you ever get to check out her line, please do!

  4. In my day, I was told brown and black don’t go together, but I beg to differ! You look great! Great post, great pics, great outfit!!! (and funny, too!!)

  5. Ha, it’s so weird that they made it look like a cow! I think black and brown are MADE for each other. Way to wear them together 🙂

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