Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for me. More than other holidays, it seems to revolve around the eating of an animal—and it makes me uneasy. I don’t like to get preachy on this blog (and that’s not the spirit of today’s post), so I hope it’s not taken that way.

I have a lot to be thankful for. My husband and family, my friends, my job, and my health. Here are a few photos of thankful turkeys—the ones not on the table today.

turkey and lamb

Photo courtesy of The Gentle Barn

turkey mom and chicks

Photo courtesy of United Poultry Concerns

wild turkeys at the feeder

Photo courtesy of Sue Coe

I’ll still be feasting (on squash, potatoes, yams, corn, cranberries, stuffing, pumpkin pie and apple pie, wine and mulled cider). Oh, and a tofurky. I hope you have a great holiday and have lots to be thankful for.


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7 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Love the photos!!! Animals are such a wonderful part of life!! We had a pet chicken and she was so sweet and comical, she made me smile and chuckle as I watched her in the garden from my kitchen window. They are smarter than people think and like to live just like other creatures!


  2. A few days ago, I saw a wild turkey run past my car and down a suburban street. Not something I see every day, wish I had my camera ready.

    • So cool! I’ve never seen a wild turkey but I know they look so different than their poor, inbred cousins who are raised for meat. I wouldn’t have had my camera ready either. Who would expect that?

  3. Hey Jean !

    I stumbled across your site quite by accident at 4am here in Kitchener….. It took me a few minutes but I saw one of your pictures and said….HEY !! I know her. Took me longer to figure out how and when but I remember.

    Back in “The Band” days with the Powells, and the Greenes, LOL The memories came flooding back !

    Glad to see you are doing well.

    All the best

    Sean Croley

    • Wow! What are the chances? I won’t ask what you’re doing up at 4 am on a school night (I’m on the west coast so it’s only 1 am – plus it’s Thanksgiving today so no work for me tomorrow). It’s a weird coincidence that you found this blog. I hope you’re doing well and having fun. By thelooks of your blog, you are! Thanks for writing. Those were good times.

  4. nice photos! Happy thanksgiving ❤

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