Simple Denim Look

Here’s an outfit I pulled together when I was feeling casual. I don’t always dress to the nines everywhere I go (far from it, actually). It’s basically jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but I added a few extras.

jeans and a T

Top: Kensie
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: John Fluevog
Necklace: Gifted
Laptop bag: Solo

Nothing in this outfit is thrifted, which is rare for me. However, I managed to get the top and jeans on sale. I’ve joined a few online member-type sale sites and I’ve found some great deals.

It can be tough when beautiful items pop into my inbox every day. I have to remind myself about what I really need and what’s just another pretty thing. Also, just because it’s 50% off doesn’t mean the sale price is a deal. But, self-discipline aside, there are good places to find nice things—without leaving the house. I’ll do a write-up about what I like about the sites I peruse.


These shoes were technically free. I say technically because I paid the full price for them—using a Visa gift card that I was awarded for good service in a role I participated in at work. So even though they cost money, it was free money.

I didn’t want to use the card here and there—groceries, fuel, a latté or two and a couple of knick-knacks—and then have nothing to show for my award. So I bought the shoes as a reminder of a job well done. They’re much more useful than a silly plaque (which is what I’ve received in the past for merits). These shoes are my trophy. I’ll wear them with a skirt soon so you can see the neat studded detailing on the straps.


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2 responses to “Simple Denim Look

  1. Such a tease! I can’t wait to see a picture of your shoes. Is that a wooden heel?

  2. It IS a wooden heel. Sadly, walking in the rain dulled the finish. I might put teak oil on them or varnish them. They’ve got a neat striped effect with different color veneer.

    I will post more pictures soon. Didn’t mean to be a tease, but I can’t exactly wear floods. I like my pants long 😉

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