Dress Up, Dress Down: Leopard and Sparkle

With leopard and sparkle on the agenda you might wonder how I could dress my outfit down. I should put this in perspective. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a wine tasting at ROAD Apparel. So both my outfit ideas were for a Saturday evening event. I do think they’d both work for day too, with a couple of minor adjustments.

I knew for certain that I’d be wearing my silky cowl-neck top with a sparkly cardigan. The sparkles say fancy but the cut of the sweater says casual. Seattle is known as a casual city but for a Saturday night event, I didn’t want to under dress. This was my compromise.

First, I tried on wide-legged pants and leopard ballet flats.

gold and brown

Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Express
Pants: People Love Frank via thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Mary Kay
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

Just to mix things up, I swapped the pants for a denim pencil skirt and traded the flats for heels.

gold and blue

Skirt: Sofada
Shoes: Two Lips

Which outfit do you prefer? I ended up going with: The skirt!

The shape (pencil) was dressy and the fabric (denim) was casual. I felt like I was ready for any occasion in this outfit. I love this brand too. It’s a line of handmade clothing by Alice Dobson, a Portland designer. I try to support small businesses whenever I can. The gorgeous hammered copper cuff by Lauren Harkness is another example of an independent designer. I bought both items recently at an event called Thread.

I threw on a jacket I’d thrifted at Goodwill and I was set.

The final look

Jacket: Tahari via Goodwill
Clutch: Shiraleah

Tahari jacket and Shiraleah clutch

To dress these items down more, I’d change the skirt for dark jeans and keep the heels. These looks are probably fine for day, but a simple white t-shirt would be a good substitute for the silky blouse.

I’mentering this post in the Everybody, Everywear challenge since it meets this month’s requirements: sequins and sparkles.


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6 responses to “Dress Up, Dress Down: Leopard and Sparkle

  1. Thanks! I got those shoes online and adored the pattern. I wasn’t sure if they’d work, but they did! And they have a rubber sole so no spills for me!

  2. Cute. You’ve inspired me to try to find the denim pencil skirt I have but still have yet to wear. (Granted I have no leopard but still.)

  3. meagan

    I have been dying for a pair of leopard print pumps and yours are kind of perfect!

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