Dusty Rose Jacket and a DIY Scarf

I’m wearing my dusty rose pleather jacket again. This was an amazing find at Penneys. I wore it with gray in the spring and I’m wearing it with jeans today. It’s super soft and looks luxe.

pink pleather

DIY scarf

pink and blue

Jacket: JC Penneys
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: GLO via thrifted
Shoes: Mea Shadow

My DIY t-shirt scarf sort of matches the denim. It’s a really simple project. If you haven’t tried making one, have a look at my earlier post that explains how.

The shoes are new. They were hugely discounted online so I had to snap them up. The original price was almost $200 but I got them for $30. Yes, I’m wearing them with socks. It’s not a faux pas anymore, as long as the heel is chunky. [Update: I’m wearing these with shorts in another post and you can see more of them.]


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7 responses to “Dusty Rose Jacket and a DIY Scarf

  1. Carmen

    This jacket looks great on you!!! Wish I could find one, I love the shade! The scarf matches your beautiful blue eyes!! I made one, too – got the idea from you!! 😉


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  3. dave g

    love the color of the jacket.

  4. Caroline Butler

    Those jeans fit you perfectly. I have several pair of glo jeans but they are all getting worn out :(. Do you still have that pair?

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