Green, Gray, and Grundahl

When I went to Etsy Rain a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I bought a slew of green things. Today, I wore the lime green earrings by Phoenix Beadwork, the kelly green ring by One-eyed Collie, and an avocado green necklace my mom gave me.


To the mix, I added neon green socks and a forest green tote bag.


There are over 400 shades of green. I’m probably not supposed to mix this many shades in the same outfit, but I couldn’t resist. Green isn’t often used as an accent color but I thought I’d give it a try. I kept everything else neutral and went with a statement skirt. My Ivan Grundahl.

green acessories

Jacket: Express via swapped
Top and tank: Target
Skirt: Ivan Grundahl
Socks: Joann Fabric
Boots: Guess
Earrings: Phoenix Beadwork
Ring: One-eyed Collie
Necklace: Gifted
Tote bag: Crystalyn Kae

During my photo-taking, a curious squirrel stopped by to check things out. I told him to stay still so I could take his picture and sure enough, he did! A chance encounter with this squirrel totally made my day. He put a big smile on my face. Look at how cute and chubby he is.



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20 responses to “Green, Gray, and Grundahl

  1. SadieSewBaggins

    That squirrel looks prepared for winter. I would never have thought to combine so many greens… but it’s a fun finished look (esp. love those Guess boots).

  2. Your skirt is gorgeous!! So romantic!

    Green was your favourite colour growing up, your combination of the various shades of green is lovely. I’ve heard green is the most difficult colour to match because there are so many shades (apparently more than other colours) but you have managed it well by separating the greens with neutral tones. It makes a very interesting look!!

    The squirrel is adorable!

  3. Lucky Duck is pretty excited to see all the green! Nice! And the squirrel is unreal. Not to mention that skirt! Wow!!

    • Yes! Green is Lucky’s color too. When wear that skirt I want to fly off to Copenhagen! Isn’t that squirrel awesome? He was a patient model. I think he paused to hear the sound of my lens zoming in on him. Too cute!

  4. Great skirt! Grey is such a nice color on you.

  5. That skirt is great fun! A statement, indeed. I don’t see green paired with gray very frequently, and it’s such a delightful combination.

  6. The grey looks beautiful matched with green. I actually wears moss green today matched with light grey. The skirt is gorgeous!

    • That’s a funny coincidence! I like moss green a lot. It can be so bright or it can be muted. I like actual moss too because it grows in areas that aren’t too sunny 😉 Like Seattle!

  7. Sal

    I want that skirt!!! Want it! Want it! Want it! It’s absolutely gorgeous.
    And these socks are awesome, too! Love them in combination with the boots. Great outfit.

  8. Wow, this is fantastic! I LOVE the combo of green and grey, and especially your acid-green socks peeking out from under your rather lovely drapey grey skirt! And the earrings are adorable. Love it!

    • Yes, they are acid green, aren’t they? I like that description! I need to be careful becausde I end up buying lots of green things if I don’t intentionally try to branch out.

  9. That is an awesome outfit. Glad to have found your blog through this. I’m adding you to my roll.

  10. Great outfit!!! I love how you matched the green stockings and the jewelry…you don’t see this color combination a lot. The skirt is fabulous too, so pretty!

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