Street Style: Black and Brown

I like to break fashion rules so when I see others doing the same thing, I run up and take their picture to show the world that rules are meant to be broken. Fortunately Suzanne is a friend and didn’t mind the photo-op.

black and brown

I love how she has on a black coat and brown pants. The coat is part of the outfit, not just a warm layer thrown carelessly over her clothes. She has black shoes and brown gloves, showing that black and brown look great together.

I especially love how the scarf serves as both a warm item and a pop of color. The shade looks great with both brown and black, further tying the outfit together.

Suzanne’s best accessory, though, is her mega-watt smile. She’s always wearing it. I’d like to find out her secret. It could have something to do with the fact that she’s a yoga instructor. She knows how to nourish her soul—especially when things get hectic as they tend to do around the holidays.


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3 responses to “Street Style: Black and Brown

  1. Thanks Jean! Never thought I’d be in a fashion blog- makes sense its about breakin rules! :o)

  2. Ha ha! I’d put you in my blog no matter what but you’re such a good rule-breaker 😉

  3. She has a fabulous smile. I love that you pointed that out. 🙂

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