Hat ‘n’ Boots: Big shoes to fill

These boots, together with a giant cowboy hat, make up the Hat ‘n’ Boots attraction at Oxbow park in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.


The Hat ‘n’ Boots were built in 1954 as part of a Western-themed gas station. The gas station is long gone. Fortunately the City of Seattle relocated the buildings/sculptures to the park to preserve them. They are the largest hat and cowboy boots in America.

Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to find interesting things. I like exploring Seattle and discovering Americana from a bygone era. On this day, we wandered though Georgetown. Georgetown is a bit gritty. It’s industrial and residential. It has a thriving artist community and good bars and restaurants. It has a blue-collar feel and is really down-to-earth. Until you see the size of their boots!


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3 responses to “Hat ‘n’ Boots: Big shoes to fill

  1. Very cool!! I enjoy larger-than-life “sculptures”. We have a humongous Muskoka chair in Gravenhurst, Ontario, suitable for the jolly Green Giant! I have a picture of me taken beside it – the chair, not jolly G.G.


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  3. sweetwindfall

    that looks like it was a blast! love it!

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