Land of the Sweets: Checking out the Burlesque Nutcracker

Last night my friend Shannon treated me to a special evening on the town. We went to see the Burlesque Nutcracker. It was her way of thanking me (again!) for doing a bit of artwork for Lucky Duck. I gave the little guy a Santa hat so he’s festive for the holidays. I feel like I got the better end of this deal.

We met at the Musicquarium (lounge) at The Triple Door and chatted over a cocktail while we waited for the show. We talked so long that we were the last ones seated in the theater. As soon as we found our table the show started! I think they were waiting for us.


We dined on delicious food from Wild Ginger, drank wine, and watched a funny, sexy show. Of course I couldn’t take pictures in the theater so you’ll have to go to a show yourself if you want to see what we saw. I can tell you this: The performance was amazing, the costumes were stunning, and the cast was extremely talented.

We saw ballet and modern dance numbers, aerial work and acrobatics, and of course, the sultry tease that is burlesque. It was classy and fun. After the show we met Lily Verlaine, the choreographer and one of the stars of the show, and Jasper McCann, the show’s hilarious and talented host.

Jasper, Shannon, and Lily

Jasper, Jean, and Lily

I went home with visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in my head. Thanks Shannon, for a great evening out!

(You can read Shannon’s account of the evening too.)


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7 responses to “Land of the Sweets: Checking out the Burlesque Nutcracker

  1. Sounds like you two had a fabulous evening!!
    You and Shannon wearing animal prints (you both look glamourous!!). Did you call each other?! lol

  2. We had a blast! It’s so funny about our outfits. When I saw Shannon at work earlier in the day I said, “You look beautiful…are you wearing that tonight?” I had my snakeskin dress picked out already. Shannon encouraged me not to change plans. Our dresses are both very dfferent, but you can tell we both love animal prints!

  3. They really do a great job mixing up drinks don’t they? I just want to point out how delicious that photo is…

  4. Queen Lucia

    I just discovered you today and love your style and that you are in Seattle (I’m in Olympia). My husband and I went to Land of Sweets last weekend and had a blast! Love the Bombshells! Looking forward to getting to know you in a bloggy way. — Queen Lucia

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