What a day! Shopping, Dining, Dancing

Yesterday was a fun day! In the morning I met the coolest chimney cleaner. I volunteered to oversee the chimney cleaning for our condos and the guy who came by was a virtual dog whisper. He talked to my nervous, suspicious dog until he was calm and welcoming. The chimney looks great too!


Then I met my friend Andrea at the Bizarre Bazaar in Capitol Hill. We found last-minute gifts from soaps to jewelry. Andrea bought a great necklace from HardWearables. I found organic soaps from Pirouette Essentials, and as luck would have it, I found Alice in Wonderland necklaces from Miss Michelle.

mad hatter

It was lucky because later that evening I attended an Alice in Wonderland-themed holiday party and the necklace was perfect!

Before the party, Mr. Jean of all Trades and I met up with Tatsuo and Cheryl, two of my coworkers and friends, at Red Fin for pre-party snacks and drinks.

bloody mary

We walked to the venue and met up with Laura and Autumn. After we got there, we had fun bumping into others, some of whom were hard to recognize in their masquerade outfits!

There was so much to do! The events were spread out over four floors. We saw acrobatic acts while we listened to accordions and nibbled on snacks in a faux outdoor bistro.



We passed by giant sets of chess and checkers where people were engaged in larger-than-life games. We saw an artist/chocolatier create a Cheshire cat out of chocolate.

chocolate cheshire

People listened to live bands in one room, and had high tea in another. One room was full of desserts. Another space was a club called Icebar. Yes, there was an ice bar. There was also a DJ and go-go dancers. It was hopping!


The Mr. and I danced until the end of the event. What a fun night! There was something for everybody. It was a long, fabulous  day, and we went home tired. Just as it should be.

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